About us

Milo Gilmour and Jean Kenney are Tree Tamers’ kiwi owner-operators.  Having worked on trees in the area since 2003 Milo has a lot of experience with difficult felling and pruning locally.    “We enjoy spending time in people’s gardens – the result of much time and effort invested by the property owner is always evident.  We make the highest priority to care for your home and garden.”  Jean has lived in Wanaka since 1993 and is also a fully certified arborist.  Both Milo and Jean are heavily involved with Wanaka Search and Rescue.

Having a background as a mountaineering and rock climbing guide keeps Milo and his team focussed on safety and efficient techniques.

Recycled tree waste used as mulch - a garden's best friend

Recycled tree waste used as weed-free mulch – a garden’s best friend

Tree Tamers operate a high volume chipper and safe, modern equipment.  We usually do the clean up and remove the recycled tree waste unless the owner wants to clean up themselves.

We aim to please by doing the best job possible.  We like:

  • to see your trees well cared for
  • your view improved
  • more sunshine in the dark shady spots
  • the mess to be cleaned and sorted before we finish
  • your home and garden to be safe
  • good neighbourly relations
  • NO worries
  • prompt service
  • value for money

We are a friendly bunch, please give us a call now for a free quote…

Milo 027-275-1268
Jean 021-048-8698
or try the office 03 443-6454.

You can also email us … easy@treetamers.co.nz

  • Our excellent property service:

    • Hedges and wind-rows reduced or trimmed
    • Thinning and reducing for light (pruning)
    • Dismantling in confined spaces
    • Shaping (pruning)
    • Remove disease or damaged limbs
    • Remove risk of damage to your house/powerlines
    • Bracing to repair tree limbs
    • Tree transplanting
    • Recycle your tree waste to organic mulch
    • Section clearing
    • Felling
    • On-site firewood service
    • On-site milling (slabs from your logs)
    • Suppliers of weed free mulch
    • Stump grinding
    Why choose us?
    • Experienced with Wanaka’s trees – operating locally since 2003
    • Owner-operated – we are a friendly bunch
    • Free on-site consultation
    • Price competitive/affordable
    • QLDC (Council) approved arborists
    • Prompt service
    • Fully insured
    • Qualified arborists / NZ Arboricultural Association member
    • Professional – all waste is mulched; we do the cleanup – and we do it well !
    • Many, many happy repeat clients – check out our Testimonials